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SETY Auditing Ltd. provides audit and consulting services in corporate finance, accounting, trade, financial and tax laws of large entrepreneurial companies, NGOs and fast growing small and medium-sized companies from the light and heavy industry, services, etc.

SETY Auditing Ltd. is a specialized auditing company, which was initially registered as sole limited liability company with file No 10781, by decision of Sofia City Court from 22 August 1996. In 1998 it accepted a new associate and transformed into limited liability company by decision No2 from 03 September 1998.

SETY Auditing Ltd. is a member of the Association of the Certified Chartered Accountants in Bulgaria.

SETY Auditing Ltd. is a member of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum, associated with the International Business Leaders Forum of the Prince of Wales.

Sety Auditing Ltd.
City:Sofia, 1505
Address:60, Oborishte Str.
Phone:+359 2 944 7182, 944 3842, 843 8937